Wenyuan Gu

The Associate Principal of Second Violin in the Utah Symphony.
The first-place winner in the North American String Competition.
Her performances have extended across multiple continents, captivating audiences in China, North America, and Europe.

The gracefulness of “Yi Shui Kong” becomes apparent in its movements. Whenever I observe clouds drifting across the sky or leaves dancing in the wind, I am reminded of its beauty.

Playing the violin demands a delicate balance between elasticity and inner strength—two qualities that “Yi Shui Kong” helps me understand through its subtle interplay of forces.

My practice of “Yi Shui Kong” has also contributed to slowing my breathing, enhancing my awareness of each inhalation and exhalation.
The gentleness inherent in “Yi Shui Kong” is not superficial; it embodies a relaxed yet purposeful energy. This controlled power finds resonance in violin performance, particularly when expressing long musical phrases in Western music.

Sarah Sun

The first Chinese-American Miss Utah in 2023.
BYU Student Body President.

Before participating in the Miss America pageant, I had the opportunity to learn from Master Lin.

I learned how to properly align my body.
She also taught me how to use breath to control my movements, adjust my body, and relax completely from the inside out.

The principles I learned helped ground my stage presence and move more naturally.
Lin is truly a Master!

What do you like about Yi Shui Kong?

Survey conducted in Feb. 2019.
    *Collected from about 200 students from 9 branches in Japan and the U.S. 
  • Graceful movements and flow
  • No strain on your body
  • It calms me down, I feel stable
  • I can do it at my own pace
  • I can let go of all extra thoughts
  • There is no movement that’s too difficult
  • The balance of Qi and breath
  • I feel relaxed
  • It stretches the whole body
  • It increases the blood flow for the whole body
  • It is good for the elderly since the movement is slow
  • Slow movements work on your core
  • It balances breath, body, and mind
  • The music is healing
  • No vigorous movement, it’s calm and serene
  • Easy to start for a beginner
  • You can do at home
  • It gives me a chance to face my body and mind

The changes after starting YiShuiKong

2020Online Regular Class participants (2 – 3 months experience)

  • It’s only been a month, but in this unprecedented time, I find it very refreshing.

  • My muscles got weak during the COVID shutdown, but I’m getting stronger now. It resets and refreshes my mentality.

  • I had not engaged in physical activities in a while, and I can feel my rigid body starting to get more flexible. My core feels stronger as well.
  • Deep abdominal breathing relaxes me, and it calms me down. It gave me a routine during the COVID shutdown.

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