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YiShuiKong is a health-focused method of movement that incorporates the court’s martial arts elements of Yin Family BaGuaZhang with a basis on the ancient royal Chinese studies of breath.

Tranquil like Tai Chi and free like yoga, this breathing exercise resembling the beautiful flow of a “Zen dance.”

These graceful movements help us reminisce Nature’s creation of all things, nurturing a love and openness for Mother Earth and an unwavering power of the mind.

Key Elements

Our Promise

Your feet spread their roots in the ground, connecting you to the center of the earth. The body’s axis stands straight, the top of your head connecting to the skies. Awareness to these ideas is the key to the body’s movement.

The calmness in breath represents our hope to become one with Nature’s rhythm and for us to return to our roots as humans.

The movements of YiShuiKong are a prayer for a society where all things coexist – a prayer for peace on Earth.

Our Mission

The desire for a long and healthy life has historically been a perpetual struggle for humans.

As we turn to think on our own health, is it not time for us to also think of the health of the Earth in which we live?

As far as we know, Earth is the only planet in the universe that can sustain life. In the 4.6 billion years of the planet’s history, the rapid social progress in recent years has forced Earth to pay a heavy price: environmental destruction, global warming… – countless issues threaten the future of Earth and its inhabitants.

It is each and every one of our responsibility, as a “villager” of this “village” called Earth, to care for the wellness of the place where we all call home.

YiShuiKong’s proposal is to expand the way in which we view “health” to a more universal level by nurturing our home and planet itself as a living being.

 YiShuiKong not only strives for the bodily health but also for the health of the soul and elevation of the mind.

 The “power of the mind” has long been a cornerstone of the history of humanity. As opposed to the fickle heart, the mind does not waver easily, and a strong foundation of the mind brings about a strength in heart, which leads to a sound mind and body.

These traditional forms, techniques, and movement culture were refined over thousands of years and are the most effective and efficient ways in which to elevate the mind.

As an entity responsible for passing down this tradition, YiShuiKong sees playing a new role in today’s society as its mission.

If you’re looking to…

Improve your health and that of the Earth

Strengthen your inner power

Breathe more profoundly

Find grace and beauty through physical training

Re-examine and re-discover yourself

Change yourself / change our environment but have no idea where to start

Revitalize yourself with ease

Address your lack of exercise without straining your body

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We also offer private courses for companies, organizations, and large parties.

Experience YiShuiKong with your colleagues and/or friends as a way to revitalize your body and soul and to gain momentum toward your next goal. Please contact us for more information.

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Collaborative Events and Projects

Organizing an event or project and experiencing deja vu? If you’re looking to revamp your event with something new and exciting, we recommend a collaborative session with YiShuiKong.

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Whether it be work, school, or community groups, we believe that you can find a collaborative success within your group through revitalizing your body and mind together.