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Lin Yang

Lin Yang was born in Beijing and was actively involved in Qi Gong and various aspects of martial arts since her middle school years.

In 1992, she moved to Japan and subsequently received her undergraduate degree in art culture from Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University and her graduate Master degree in art education from Tokyo Gakugei University of the Arts.

In 2003, Lin Yang began studying BaGuaZhang with Master Wang Shangzhi.

Master Wang spent his life studying with the family of Yin Fu, who instructed and guarded the Qing royal family in the Forbidden City, making Lin Yang one of the fifth generation martial artists practicing this Qing dynasty court martial arts, the Yin Family BaGuaZhang.

During her graduate studies in Japan, she started to see a connection through between her major, art education, and the breathing method she inherited, coming to a realization that there is a more profound purpose behind movement culture and awareness of the body.

Building on her vast training and research in Qi Gong and martial arts, Lin Yang conceived her own method called YiShuiKong, a unique style of Qi Gong that incorporates the method of breathing exercises practiced by the Ancient Chinese royal family.

Lin Yang has been residing in Utah since 2008 and has actively participated in teaching Qi Gong and martial arts to students of all ages.

Lin Yang has more than 20 years of experience as an educator and is a member of the Chinese Wu Shu Association and Master of the Beijing BaGuaZhang Association.

She is also a descendant of the founder of Li Jia Cai and Home Minister for Empress Dowager Cixi of Ancient China.

In hopes to spread YiShuiKong and to pass down the traditions of Yin Family BaGuaZhang, she has been presenting lectures and hosting events across Japan, China, and in the U.S.

Her lifework is to “contribute to today’s society in a new way through today’s traditional culture.”

Yin Family BaGuaZhang

BaGuaZhang is one of the three major forms of Chinese internal martial arts. Arising from long and sometimes mystical traditions, the internal martial arts build upon spiritual, mental or qi-related aspects, while external arts focus on physical motion. One of the three forms, Tai Chi, is well-known in the western world. Almost unknown is BaGuaZhang, however, some experienced practitioners see it having the greater ultimate impact.

Yin Family BaGuaZhang, also known as “Martial Art of the Emperor,” was developed by Master Yin Fu at the Qing Dynasty Palace and taught to the Emperor. Since then, it has been passed down among select masters tied to a few royal families. Only during the past several years was it meaningfully introduced outside China. Now for the first time, Yin Family BaGuaZhang training is available in Utah.

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