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YiShuiKong Association is looking for subscribed members who share our beliefs and help us grow.

Subscribed members will receive perks such as discounted fees for classes/courses, Newsletter, invitations to member-only events, and support for getting your license to become a registered instructor.

$0 Enrollment Fee until March 31st, 2021!!

To celebrate the renewal of YiShuiKong website, the one-time enrollment fee of $50 is waived until March 31st, 2021.

Please join us NOW!

Enrollment Fee:$50 $0!!!

(Until March 31st, 2021)

There is a yearly renewal registration fee, depending on the type of membership. (Renewed every October)
  • *Regular Subscribed Member:$0 (One-Time enrollment Fee only)
  •  Instructor Member:$100/year Your Instructor Membership must be renewed every year in October.
    *This fee includes the renewal fee for Registered Instructor of YiShuiKong Association.

Enrollment & Membership Benefits

①Regular Subscribed Membership
  • Discount for YiShuiKong Association special seminars and events
  • Newsletter, invitation to Member-only salon (online)
②Instructor Membership
  •  Discount for YiShuiKong Association special seminars and events
  •  Newsletter, invitation for member-only salon (online)
  •  Permits to hold YiShuiKong accredited class/course
  •  Listing on YiShuiKong official website as a Registered Instructor, support for attracting students to your class
  • Eligibility to attend Step-Up seminars *Please see the Instructor Code for detail.

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    What changed after starting YiShuiKong?

    2020 Online Regular Class participants (beginners of 2-3 months)

    • Nothing in particular at the moment, but it feels good to let go and free the body.
    • YiShuiKong feels like a nice spring breeze in this unprecedented time.

    • After COVID shutdown, I felt my body weakened, but YiShuiKong helped me get stronger.
      It resets my mentality.

    • I had not engaged in physical activities on a regular basis recently, so I can feel my rigid body slowly softening. My center is getting stronger as well.
    • Deep, abdominal breathing makes me feel relaxed.
      During the COVID shutdown, YiShuiKong gave me a daily routine.

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    Whether it be work, school, or community groups, we believe that you can find a collaborative success within your group through revitalizing your body and mind together.