一 “Yi” represents oneness. Through YiShuiKong, we aim to feel a sense of oneness with the universe, using the whole body. To achieve that goal, we start by re-learning how to stand. Imagine that your body is a simple yet strong single line that connects the sky and the earth.

水 “Shui” represents water. In YiShuiKong, we imagine that our body is like a container full of water. Water is the origin of all life. More than 70% of the human body is made up of water, making it an essential element of our life. Like water, we aim to be gentle yet powerful, flexible without being unbridled.

空 “Kong” represents emptiness. We must first empty our container before we can fill it with something. YiShuiKong promotes a deep breathing technique, where we start by exhaling to empty ourselves, in order to fully inhale.

-Slow and elegant movements
-Rhythmical deep breaths
-Rich imagery inspired by nature
We aim to strengthen ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually by moving our bodies with these three components.

In yoga, you make poses by standing, sitting, lying down, and mostly with the aim of maintaining certain postures. YiShuiKong is performed while standing. The focus is on a continuous flow of seamless movements, not on a singular movement or pose.

Tai Ji Quan is characterized by circular movements. It is done by slightly bending the knees, relieving tension on the chest area, while maintaining a natural breathing rhythm. In YiShuiKong, movements are bilateral and symmetry. In some movements, we stretch our legs and chests fully, and breathe deeply and rhythmically.

*There are many types of Tai Ji Quan. Here, we focused on Yang-style Tai Ji Quan, which is widely used for health exercise.

We consider the process to be more important than the outcome. Now more than ever, people are starting to realize that the spiritual happiness is what matters the most. Let us nurture our mental and spiritual strength such as imagination, patience, creativity, concentration, and the ability to stay in balance, through practicing YiShuiKong.

You inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. When you inhale, your abdomen should inflate. When you exhale, you deflate your abdomen by breathing out all the air you inhaled. You can inhale quickly, then exhale for a longer duration.
What matters the most is for you to feel the rhythm of your body and naturally synchronize your breath to it. Usually, we exhale when we relax our body. Focus on your exhalation and it will come to you naturally.
Literally, 呼吸 (breathing in Japanese) means “呼(exhale) 吸(inhale).” So we exhale first then inhale. Once you empty all the air from your stomach by exhaling, your body knows to inhale naturally.
That’s how everyone starts out! However, the more you do, the more you will want to know. We recommend that you take our in-depth courses to understand the concepts behind each movement.
Don’t try to force yourself to feel “Qi.” Qi is an abstract concept, and it’s invisible to the eyes, with no concrete definition of what it actually is. That’s why it’s very subjective when it comes to feeling Qi. Even when you do the same movement, you will feel something different depending on the season, time, environment, the conditions of your body and your emotional status. What’s important is to accept the honest reactions of your body and soul in that moment.
First of all, do not push yourself too hard. Second, try not to compare yourself to others because we are all different. Lastly, work at your own pace.
Our practice is focused on releasing your inner potential, a power which every one of us possess. We hope that you will be interested in exploring the possibilities of your own body, rather than something supernatural.

If you’re looking to…

Improve your health and that of the Earth

Strengthen your inner power

Breathe more profoundly

Find grace and beauty through physical training

Re-examine and re-discover yourself

Change yourself / change our environment but have no idea where to start

Revitalize yourself with ease

Address your lack of exercise without straining your body

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