What changed for you

after starting YiShuiKong?

  • Mt body feels lighter
  • I can breathe deeper
  • I don’t need to go to massages anymore
  • I’m more flexible
  • It feels good
  • My back pain is better
  • My knees don’t hurt as much
  • I feel taller
  • My shoulders aren’t rounded anymore
  • It helps with my body and mind
  • It calms me down
  • I’m noticing my posture and movement more
  • I feel my Qi activated
  • My posture is better
  • It warms up my whole body
  • I’m more conscious of my health
  • I can walk better
  • My calf muscles are stronger
  • I learned how to do abdominal breathing
  • It calms me down
  • I feel happier
  • It refreshes me
  • I sleep better
  • I don’t fall down as much
  • My legs are stronger
  • I’m more able to use my whole body
  • I feel I’m using the parts of my body I don’t usually use
  • My core is stronger
  • I’m more generous toward others
  • It helps me mentally
  • I’m less negative and able to let go of stress
  • I’m more confident
  • I’m less tired
  • I feel calm after I’m done

What do you like about Yi Shui Kong?

Survey conducted in Feb. 2019.
    *Collected from about 200 students from 9 branches in Japan and the U.S. 
  • Graceful movements and flow
  • It’s like music, movement and Qi flowing together
  • No strain on your body
  • You can do it slowly
  • There is no movement that’s too difficult
  • It moves and stretches the whole body
  • I can let go of all extra thoughts
  • It calms me down, I feel stable
  • I like the rhythm and the music
  • I feel refreshed and motivated
  • It gives me energy
  • I can do it at my own pace
  • It corrects my alignment
  • The balance of Qi and breath
  • Continuous movements
  • It feels good on my body
  • I can do it with ease
  • I feel relaxed
  • It increases the blood flow for the whole body
  • It stretches the whole body
  • It is good for the elderly since the movement is slow
  • Slow movements work on your core
  • It fills my body with fresh air
  • The breathing helps with my singing
  • You can feel the flow of the Qi
  • The philosophy of YiShuiKong fascinates me
  • It balances breath, body, and mind
  • Instructors who make the learning easy and fun
  • Slow movements build my muscles
  • Your breathing becomes deeper
  • Stimulates your brain
  • The music is healing
  • No vigorous movement, it’s calm and serene
  • Easy to start for a beginner
  • You can do at home
  • It gives me a chance to face my body and mind

The changes after starting YiShuiKong

2020Online Regular Class participants (2~3 months experience)

  • It’s only been a month, but in this unprecedented time, I find it very refreshing.
  • My muscles got weak during COVID shutdown, but I’m getting stronger now.

    It resets and refreshes my mentality.

  • I had not engaged in physical activities in a while, and I can feel my rigid body starting to get more flexible. My core feels stronger as well.
  • Deep abdominal breathing relaxes me, and it calms me down.

    It gave me a routine during COVID shutdown.

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